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If any Arabian enthusiast truly wants to experience the essence of the life in the Middle East, Qatar becomes the name on top of the list of countries to visit. The varied Arabian delights offered by the country is the reason tourism remains high and provides revenue for the rich economy.


The list below will discuss all the reasons to justify the reason Qatar should be visited:



Dune Buggying

Camel Riding

The largest desert in Qatar is situated to the south-west of Doha. Desert Safaris, sand skiing and boarding, quad biking, and camel riding are all popular means of entertainment here.

Dune buggying is one of the most done activities in which buggies are driven over the dunes for fun. The sunrise and sunsets along with the stars blanketing the sky at night, portray the beauty of nature to point.


The west coast of Qatar witnesses rock formation of limestone which has wind acting as their sculptor. They have a mushroom-like shape. The land between Zikrit and Ras Abrouq is isolated and has untouched beaches and reserves of wild deer.


This lies in the north of Al Khor city and is a vast land of natural greenery which contradicts with the sandy nature of the desert. The ecosystem attracts many migratory birds such as flamingos and herons. Kayaking around this beautiful area is available for pleasure.


Qatar has a ” 560km “-long coastline where the presence of shallow waters has provided the locals with means of living through the marine life. Fishing and diving for pearls has been a popular lifestyle for years.


Qatar is home to a variety of flora and fauna, from birds to reptiles and especially the Arabian Oryx.


This is forty meters deep and constitutes fibrous gypsum.


In order to please the taste buds of the many tourists, Qatar has a buffet of delicacies to pick from that does not just stick to the local, but also features worldwide delicacies. Many of them are based in Doha.


Some of them are:


They serve Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Their pizzas and tiramisu are to die for.

Spice Market

Located in the W Hotel in Doha, this restaurant serves Japanese and Asian delicacies. They are popular for their sushi and brunch.


The delicate French cuisine mingled with Arabic flavors made by the famous chef Alain Ducasse makes visiting the Museum of Islamic Art even more a reason. The camel with foie gras, harira soup and much more experienced food is worth every penny spent.

Anvil Rooms

A steakhouse influenced by New York resides in the 28th floor of the Tornado Tower in West Bay. The windows stretch floor to ceiling and offer a breathtaking view of the Corniche. The charcoal-grilled steaks with sauce on the side and oldest wines to wash it down make the perfect combo to try.


Located in Katara, this restaurant serves Armenian and Lebanese dishes which are ardent choices to make. There’s fishnet kebab, starters, lemon mint drinks, shisha and everything required to make for exotic dining.


Flea Markets always become favorite choices when in need of gifts or souvenirs. They are cheap and sell authentic, local and handmade products. Some of the prominent ones are Souf Waqif, Falcon Souk in Doha, Gold Souk, Vegetable and Fish Market and Souq Al Asiri. These souks are arranged in accordance with what they sell such as spices, clothes, jewelry, etc. There are a number of high-end malls which line Qatar streets as well.

Souf Waqif

Falcon Souk

Gold Souk

Vegetable and Fish Market

Souq Al Asiri


Qatar holds a galore of places for tourists to visit.

Camel Racetrack in Al Shahaniya


Al Thakhira



Khalifa International Stadium (Sports Center)

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Thani Museum

Islamic Arts Museum

Doha Zoo

is a great place to take the children.

Doha Corniche

a popular hangout as it is a waterfront boulevard in the shape of palm fringes, which extends in the shape of a horseshoe.

These are some of the Arabic delights, with a treasure chest of hundreds more that are waiting to be explored and used to make memories. The mundane life of everyday will find much-needed relief in the comforting country of Qatar.