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Qatar has oceans of desert dunes spreading into endless horizons. Khor Al Adaid in southwest Qatar makes one of the finest areas to try desert adventures. Doha has a similar structure with huge, golden dunes highlighting the sun of the sand and providing a breathtaking view.


There are 4×4 SUV’s or jeeps, fit for all kinds of terrain, put into use for the safari. The trip is similar to that of a roller coaster with the same exhilaration. The sightings are worth gazing at with the dunes captivating the mind. During the journey there is also a stopover to look at the mesmerizing landscape of the Inland Sea which makes the natural border of Saudi Arabia.

The desert safari in Doha offers three packages:

Half-day safari

The package is of around four hours and the timings start from 9am or 2pm. The safari includes insurance, a 4×4 jeep along with driver and water or soft drinks. The prices range from 850 QAR to 225 QAR depending on the number of people.

Full-day safari

The package is of eight hours and the timings start from 9am and 2pm. The drive includes dune-bashing in the south desert of Qatar, a visit to the Inland Sea and spending the afternoon in the stylish and sophisticated Bedouin camp. The safari package includes insurance, water plus drinks, bathrooms incorporated with showers, a 4×4 jeep along with a driver, bonfire with music, sports like sand skiing and boarding, volleyball, snorkeling and swimming. The prices range from 1050 QAR to 300 QAR depending on the number of people.

Overnight safari

The package is of around nineteen hours or less and the timings start from 2pm. This includes everything from the full-day safari package along with camel ride, sand-boarding, quad-biking and a night stay at the Bedouin camp. The sleeping bags are provided. The prices range from 1350 QAR to 425 QAR depending on the number of people.

Dune-bashing is carried out in a 4×4 vehicle such as a Toyota Land Cruiser. The drive is down the giant dunes which infuses a feeling of adrenaline among the participants. The cars are driven by expert Qatari drivers. The tires of the vehicle are deflated before the bashing and inflated after the bashing.

Sand-boarding and sand skiing

are similar to how the sport is carried out on snow. There are either boards or skis strapped to the feet and the dunes are scoured. Mesaieed is one of the popular spots to enjoy these sports.

Quad-biking is the best way to pump up the adrenaline in all ages. The bikes are used to race and travel on the dunes in the most fun way possible. The Sealine Resort, south of Doha, is one of the best places to rent a quad bike. This does not even require pre-booking. The price ranges on the basis of an engine? Say a 250cc can be hired for 200QR per hour. Even the children have an option of choosing bikes suitably built for them.