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Qatar state believes that the income obtained through tourism by Qatar will double in amount in the upcoming years, which will be more than eight billion Qatari riyals. There are a number of projects queued for the benefit of tourism. Some of them are discussed below

This is termed to be one of the most ambitious projects of the world. The budget of the infrastructure falls around 45 billion dollars and will habit around two million people. It is a planned city around 35km2 in area which will have nineteen residential areas, four islands, sports and recreational centres, two marinas, shops, luxurious facilities, island resorts etc. There will be twenty-two hotels and around eight-thousand visitors would be able to reside here.

Due to Qatar winning the bid for hosting FIFA Championship 2022, there are many contracts that have been signed for welcoming the million fans who will visit the country. Around nine stadiums are under construction and planning for the tournament. The stadiums currently being worked on are Al Bayt, Al-Wakrah and Al-Rayyan. Khalifa International Stadium, which has been picked for the finals, is also being extended to include forty-thousand more people. All the stadiums will emit zero carbon emissions and will try not harm the climate in any way possible.


Due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Qatar Rail Company has decided to work on three main constituents in a project which is a contract between Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and Deutsche Bahn. The first part is the Doha Metro which will be a high-speed transport system in Doha. It is projected to end by 2019. Around 300 km will be laid down, covering almost a hundred stations. The second part is Lusail Light Rail Transit or LLRT which will also complete by 2019. There will be four main lines which will extend around 33 km. The final part is the Long Distance Rail Network which will have both passenger rail and freight rail connecting Qatar and Bahrain. These will all work towards making commuting between cities easier as getting a driving license is next-to-impossible and the taxi services are also not that cheap.


Asghal, which is the Public Work Authority of Qatar, has planned the construction of three bridges which would be interconnected with the help of subsea tunnels. These will connect Hamad International Airport to Katara (cultural district) in the north and the business areas in the West Bay. This will be beneficial in terms of transport for the locals as well the visitors who desire to roam around the place.


5. New Port Project

Al Wakra is witnessing the construction of a new port which will connect with the mainland with the help of a bridge. This includes the making of cargo and container terminals as well as many other facilities, including a resting area for boats. The projected date for completion is 2023.

6. Hotel Constructions

A lot of investment is being placed for the new hotels to meet the class that Qatar boasts of. More than eighty per cent of the hotels in the country are five or four stars. The target that has been set for hotel rooms for 2022 is around sixty-thousand rooms. Damac has released the plan of setting up a one billion Dubai hotel. Around two-hundred million has been put aside for the refurbishment of the Doha Sheraton. An architecture firm has proposed the concept of floating hotels which has been accepted by the authorities. These will be placed on top of rafts or platforms that are semi-submerged in water. They will help with accommodation and will especially be beneficial in cases of labor workers.

Qatar is always looking at ways to accommodate as many as possible and has been the first Middle Eastern country to face a lot of firsts. The state is always open to new ideas and always looks for peaceful methods to implement in the country. If all these projects are completed within their set datelines, Qatar will see a never-ending profit from the field of tourism. This will also provide reasons for many more visitors to come again and experience the beauty.